BFGoodrich Tires in Houston, TX

BFGoodrich Tires in HoustonThe unfortunate truth is that the tires on your vehicle are not going to last forever. The number one reason why people buy new tires is because of the amount of wear and tire damage on the ones they presently have. In fact, every 3,000 to 6,000 miles you really should bring your vehicle into us so we can inspect your tires. We may need to rotate or balance them, or they may need to be replaced altogether. Naturally, this makes people wonder what brand of tire they should be purchasing. After all, there are so many tires to consider. How do you know which one to pick? BFGoodrich tires are definitely an ideal brand of tires to consider.

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Who is BFGoodrich?

BFGoodrich is the name of an American brand of  tires. Originally the company was part of the Goodrich Corporation and was named B.F. Goodrich Company. However, the company has separated from the Goodrich Corporation, changed its name, and is now owned by Michelin. Since that time a lot of Michelin tires that were created for auto racing are not being branded using the name BFGoodrich in order to increase the awareness of this tire brand.

When you are selecting a tire for your vehicle you are selecting how much fun you are going to have while you are driving. You are also selecting how safe your vehicle is going to be. BFGoodrich is a brand of tires for individuals who appreciate a higher level of performance. This is a brand of tires that is going to give you the grip and control that you need while you are driving.

American Wheel and Tire is an authorized BFGoodrich dealer in Houston, TX. We offer optional road hazard warranties on all BFGoodrich purchases. American Wheel and Tire also offers road force balancing, and wheel alignments to make sure your BFGoodrich tires stay in perfect condition.