This Silverado is all about off road use

The Chevy Silverado has been one, if not THE, most popular truck in Houston, Texas, for decades. They have been extremely popular with truck aficionados due to their style, and easy to find aftermarket parts. American Wheel and Tire got their hands on a 2015 Silverado, and gave it our special touch to make it stand out in the crowd.

To start with, we swapped out the stock suspension with a hefty six inch Pro Comp lift kit. This kit gives a ton of clearance for off road use, and to fit a much larger wheel and tire. To fill up that new wheel well space, we outfitted this Silverado with a set of Fuel Offroad Nutz Wheels in a Matte Black Machined finish. This wheel is extremely aggressive in design and compliments the truck perfectly. Wrapping up those new wheels is a set of 35/12.50-20 Toyo tires. These tires will take you anywhere! Not content to leave it there, we added some paint matched Bushwacker fender flares.

The Chevy Silverado doesn’t need to be a bland looking vehicle, as you can clearly see by our example. Let American Wheel and Tire help you fix up your new Silverado with wheels, tires, lift kits, and more!

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The Ford F-250 doesn’t have to be boring

The Ford F-250 is one of the most popular 3/4 ton trucks on the market. The are seen just about everywhere nowadays. From high class functions, to screaming through the mud off road, you don’t have to look far to find a Power Stroke Ford.

Being a common vehicle means that everyone knows what they look like. Why bother with limiting yourself only to get lost in the crowd. Step up and make your F-250 stand out!

That is exactly what our latest customer did. His Gord F-250 was outfitted with Ballistic 955 Anvil Wheels in a Gloss Black finish. This wheel has milled accents which really define the edges and add a unique effect to it. Wrapping these twenty inch wheels, is a set of 35×12.50-20 Toyo Open Country A/T tires. The Open Country offers great traction in any condition. Whether you are hitting the Galleria, or the off roads in Hempstead, this tire will take you there safely. To finish off the vehicle, the customer added paint matched Bushwacker fender flares and a Bakflip bed cover.

When you get ready to fix up your Ford F-250, make sure to check with American Wheel and Tire!

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Enkei Racing Wheels in Houston, TX

Enkei racing wheels are all designed with Enkei’s specialized and vigorous MAT technology in order to bring you safety and stability at a good value for your money.



Some of Enkei’s racing wheels are created with a roulette pattern containing a groove in the area where the rim meets the tire. With this type of assembly, the wheel improves acceleration and deceleration. This type of assembly is also seen in some Formula One cars.

Anti-slip paint

At Enkei, they know the value of a racing car that does not slip and slide. This is demonstrated in the making of the GTC01. The paint increases the grip between the wheel and tire, especially during acceleration.

Lightweight design

Some models, such as the PF01SS, have an ultra-lightweight design, while still maintaining its sporty look with its five spoke design.

Perfect design for gravel and mud

With the RC-G4, the wheel is larger and the spokes are short. This makes it easy for the car to be driven through gravel while not having any gravel hit the brakes. Mud is also easy to clean off as well.

There are other models to choose from in Enkei’s racing wheels, and each wheel offers not just its own style in color, size, and spokes, but also its special features as it was being made. Each one of these features will bring out the best in the tire in order to perform to the top level of satisfaction that Enkei wheels are specifically known for.

American Wheel and Tire is an authorized Enkei retailier with over 30 years in the business. Give us a call and let us help you find the right Enkei Wheel for your vehicle today – 713-682-1085

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The importance of rotating your tires

Your tires work hard in order for your car to move from point A to point B. Do not neglect tire maintenance?  Check the manual of your car to see the recommended mileage at which to rotate your tires. There are several reasons to rotate your tires, or change the position of their mounting points, regularly.

The main reason

Like any other car part, your tires will last longer when you take care of them. At sometimes as much as $80 a tire, the cost will add up to replace each tire after wear and tear or damage. Think of the money you will save by making them last just a little bit longer!

Even tires

Each tire takes pressure, wear, and tear differently and unevenly depending on several factors: driving habits and the tire position, for example. This can make for an uncomfortable and possibly unsafe ride if left unattended to for too long, since the tires will not grab the road evenly.  By rotating the wheels, the wheels put pressure on another portion of the tire, forcing them to even out.

Increased gas mileage

Regularly rotated tires allow the car to run more efficiently and save gas.  Friction will be smoother, and that allows for the engine to allow less gas to move the car.

While there are a few benefits to rotating the tires, the biggest one of all is the money you will save.  Each benefit has its own amount of money it saves to contribute to the whole total.

American Wheel and Tire will help you with all your tire needs. Swing by or give us a call today at 713-682-1085

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