2 Piece Rims

A large selection of alloy wheels are available to automobile owners who want lighter, more visually appealing, unique style, sportier look or could be sophisticated look or just larger wheels on their cars. Some people may go for better and increased performance, handling and suspension. The most popular type of wheel is the 2 piece wheels. It illustrates complexity and style yet inexpensive.

2 Piece Wheels use two component assembly. Most 2 piece rims does not offer as wide range of applications. 2 Piece rims have the center bolted into a cast or the rim section or it other 2 piece rims press center into spun rim section and weld components together. Most two piece wheels in the market today are using forged rims and forged centers.

Here are some of the most popular two piece or multi piece rims in the market today – MHT Wheels, American Racing, HRE Rims, Lexani Forged, GFG Wheels, Savini Rims, Symbolic rims, BBS Wheels, TechArt rims, Koko Kuture, CEC Wheels, Foose Classics, Modular Society Wheels, Dub Forged, Fesler Wheels, Novitec Rosso, Ac Schnitzer and more.

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