30 Inch Wheels

Other people may not believe it, but yes there is a 30 Inch Wheel. These rims are for daring and gutsy car enthusiasts. 30 inch rims are considered luxury rims. Because of its diameter size, it will not be able to withstand demanding terrains such as rocky or mud terrain. 30” wheels has a superb look if you put them in the right vehicle.

Here are the infamous brands that carries 30 inch rims: Asanti Wheels – Asanti Curved Series AFC401, Asanti Three Piece Rims AF 115, AF 128, AF 131 Wheels, AF 143 Wheels, DUB Big Homie with Shooz Wheels, Dub Dabomb Spinner Wheels, Dub Drama Spinners, Dub Esinem SL Spinning Wheels, Dub Famous Spinner rims, Dub Ganja Spinners, Dub Karma Spinning rims, Dub Muse Spinners, Dub Nasty Spinners, Dub Stantin rims, Dub Ravenous Spinner rims, Dub Roulette Spinners, Dub Stallion Spinner, Dub Stashola Spinning Wheels, Lexani Dial rims, Lexani LSS-55 SUV Wheels and the Modular Society Conquest Wheels.

It is always best to check for your safety. So even though you’re the most fearless car lover, make sure to ask the professionals before installing those tough yet stunning looking wheels.

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