Asanti AF144 Two Tone Wheels for Luxury Cars

Having an attractive and high quality set of wheels on your car it’s a great feeling, isn’t it? However, with the increasing number of low quality car rims in the wheel industry today, having this experience is almost impossible. It has become extremely difficult for car owners to find the best type of wheels for their cars. Thankfully there are a few rim manufacturers who still settle for quality of the wheel and not the quantity. If you are really determined about improving your car’s appearance, then you have to look for the best type of wheels. One of the few wheel manufacturers who have managed to continue providing quality rims in the industry is the Asanti Wheels Company. With this company, you can never be disappointed. Recently, they have released Asanti AF144 Two Tone Wheels – a new model of car wheels that has driven the market crazy. Let’s look at the benefits of using this model of wheels.

Asanti AF144 Two Tone Wheels

European and Custom Styled Asanti AF144 Wheels

Asanti Wheels Company has for years managed to keep producing the most luxurious and stylish wheels in the competitive rim industry. It incorporates both the European and custom styles to produce a line of forged wheels that is unmatched in all aspects. Their main aim is to produce customized, luxurious rims that can turn every vehicle into a remarkable sight. So far, they have managed to produce seven customized wheel series. With these Asanti AF144 Two Tone Rims, you will be able to give your car a great facelift. Irrespective of the age of your car, Asanti AF144 2 Tone Wheels are going to give it an improved look that you have never imagined. What’s more, these wheels come with great finishes such as silver, black, and chrome. Therefore, you can rest assured that your car will no longer look ordinary on the highway.

Asanti AF144 Wheels Finishes and Sizes

Asanti AF144 Two Tone Rims also come with a variety of great colors, such as 3 oven baked coats, 2 coats of a clear paint, and a high quality grade paint for automotive. These coats give the rims a lustrous finish that every car owner would love to have. What’s more, Asanti Rims come in over 50 great designs that are not only unique, but are also stylish. These designs are meant to fulfill every car owner’s desire of keeping their cars looking new and stylish. The company has a team of wheel designers that have enough experience in creating different types of rims. You can therefore have full confidence when you are placing your order of customized Asanti AF144 Two Tone Rims. You can rest assured that every specification you provide, will be given the amount of consideration it deserves.

Asanti AF144 Two Tone Wheels come in various sizes, ranging from 20” to 26”. This assures every driver of getting the right size of wheels for their vehicles. This is one of the reasons why these car rims have become very popular nowadays. Every driver can get a new set of Asanti AF144 Two Tone Rims in order to improve their car’s appearance.

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