Asanti Concave Series Wheels: Asanti CX503 Chrome

Asanti Concave Series Wheels: Asanti CX503 Chrome – Asanti is one of the leading wheel manufacturers. The wheels that the company manufactures is a perfect blend of custom finishes and a style that is typically European. The ultimate product is a high quality wheel that is distinct in style and performance. In order to lend life to the outer coat, the wheels are coated thrice with oven baked powder coating, following which, two clear coats are applied. The wheels are available in chrome finish that lend style and enhance the appearance of the vehicle. The paint on the wheel is durable as well since it is double coated with automobile grade paint. Two coats are provided to lend a unique shine and luster. The company is also a known manufacturer of high quality automotive parts such as grills.

Appealing Chrome Finish of the Asanti CX503 Chrome

The stylish chrome finished Asanti Concave series, is specific the Asanti CX503 Chrome wheels are available in various sizes. The diameter of the wheel can be chosen as per the requirements of the vehicle. Sizes range from 22×8 to 22×15. The concave shape of the wheel is an extremely appealing feature that is very unique in design. Further, chrome finishes are the order of the day. A combination of these two features makes Asanti some of the most sought after wheels in the country. An advantage of purchasing Asanti series wheels is that you can order custom versions. Asanti concave series wheels are available in several reliable online stores. You can choose a store based on its reputation and order your Asanti concave wheels from it.

Asanti Concave Series Wheels: Asanti CX503 Chrome

Multipurpose Usage of the Asanti CX503 Chrome

A wheel is the life of a vehicle. Usually, wheels are chosen based on the usage pattern of the vehicle. Asanti concave series are used for various kinds of vehicles in both on road and off road conditions. So, if you are on the lookout for a new wheel for your vehicle, then Asanti concave series is your perfect choice.

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