Asanti CX505 Wheels: The Best Rims For Your Luxury Car

There are many custom wheels in the market today, and Asanti CX505 Rims is one of these wheels. These wheels have revolutionized the wheel industry completely. It is another brand of wheels from the Asanti Company. This company is known for its quality products. Thus, you can only expect this wheel to be of high quality. This company also knows that the kind of wheels your vehicle has will have great impact to its overall appearance. As such, the company is always determined to offer nothing but the best to its customers. The wheel has the following attributes.

Asanti CX505 comes with a unique design. A design that no other wheel company has presented in the wheel market. This wheel is one of the innovative wheels in the Asanti Rims the 3-piece line of wheels. It has been designed after market research by designers and manufacturers. As such, the wheel presents a unique product that has not been seen in the market before.

Asanti CX505 Wheels

Asanti CX505 is a high quality wheel. It has been made using the best materials which make it last long. It is made of forged Aluminum of Aerospace belonging to grade T-6061. It also has fasteners made of aluminum. These materials make this wheel have quality that is parallel to none. They are produced through hand-build craftsmanship. These wheels have unique capabilities. For instance, they are compatible with OEM TPMS. They are also compatible with Kit for big brakes. They have been tested for dynamic durability of high speed of 200mph and fatigue. Non-destructive analysis for X-ray has also been done on these wheels. To ensure that Asanti CX505 is of standards and quality that is parallel to none, they have also undergone crack inspection for penetrating dye. These wheels are also fully customizable. As such, you can give your vehicle the look that you want with these custom rims. Thus, you can purchase these wheels with quality assurance.

Asanti knows that different customers will always have different preferences. As such, the company produces wheels of different width and diameter. Asanti CX505 is available in 22 inche wheels. The width range is also available in different sizes. They include wheels measuring the following inches; 15, 14.5, 14, 13, 12.5, 12, 11.5, 11, 10.5, 10, 9.5, 9, 8.5, and 8. Despite this, the wheels are customizable. Thus, you can always have wheels, which will fit your car perfectly well.

With the quality materials used in the manufacture of this wheel, it is bound to give unprecedented performance. Its performance is incomparable to others in the wheel industry. It is apparent that just as many consumers would expect, Asanti has continued to be on top of the industry with Asanti CX505. The wheel has enabled this company to set a benchmark that many manufacturers have been unable to set in the wheel industry.

All these quality features coupled with the luxurious styling of the wheel makes it the best wheel in the market today. Asanti CX505 wheels are bound to give your car the most attention you have ever had before.

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