Asanti DA-180 Wheels

Asanti DA-180 Wheels – If you are in the market for a set of wheels, then you cannot go wrong with Asanti Wheels. The entity that is known globally as a leader in custom wheels has been in the industry for two decades now. Asanti Rims boasts of a vast product portfolio that includes the following: a standard series, a super sports series, and other specialized/customized series – V-axis series, DA series, Step series, etc. This review will however focus its lens on one product that is offered by this tire manufacturer, the Asanti DA-180 rims.

Asanti DA-180 Wheels

Asanti DA-180 Wheels

The Asanti DA-180 wheels are in essence a part of the DA series of the Asanti wheel brand. The DA series is domiciled in the custom series brands of Asanti rim packages and products. This group packs the following features – 2 or 3 piece construction; a forged aluminum finish; and a size range that extends from 18 – 30 inch wheels. These wheels (DA series) are designed for a wide range of sedans and trucks. They are designed as sports rims, and in the same vein, they are customized for individual clients and are not simply part of the product portfolio of Asanti Wheels.

DA 180 Rims Maintenance Tips

As an expert of some reputable wheels in the wheel and tire industry, Asanti is always at the forefront of requesting the public to pay special detail to their custom wheels. To ensure that your set of wheels and tires essentially serve you for the longest period, ensure that the following guideline is adhered to:

  • Foremost ensure that the tire operates at optimum pressure levels – a low-pressure tire has a myriad of problems including the potential to damage your DA 180 rim.
  • Secondly, ensure that the threads of your tire are not thread bear. Worn out tires are potential driving hazards with respect to matters breaking. If you cannot afford to buy a set of new DA180 wheels, and then always go for the option of retreads, it is worth IT.
  • Thirdly ensure that all your tire issues are handled by a professional entity. Issues that typically you have to deal with when dealing with tires are tire size, the suitability of a particular rim to a given vehicle, warranties and that sort of thing. Contact the experts – contact the rim experts: Asanti Wheels. These are but some of the issues that you need to grapple with when dealing with tires.

Buy Asanti DA-180 Wheels Online

If you are in the market for the Asanti DA-180 rims, you need to contact American Wheel and Tire customer care personnel and we will place the order for you. Orders can also be placed online, and herein you can make your online purchase. The tracking of your shipping order is followed by the customer care personnel and if you are in North America, you can be sure that your delivery will be at your premise in under 7 working days. Asanti Rims are used to dress many luxury marques out there; they are also used to add some panache to automobiles that spot them, get this set of Asanti DA-180 wheels and give your car some personality.

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