Benefits of NITROGEN in your tires


Q: Is there any advantage to using NITROGEN in tires than just compressed air?

Compressed Air contains oxygen and moisture that destroys or eat away your tires, corrodes your wheels and leaks through your tires. Nitrogen on the other hand, is less likely to migrate through tire rubber than is compressed air Nitrogen has larger molecular structure that won’t seep through your tires. Tires lose air pressure naturally through the process of permeation or suspended substances like air are adsorbed at the surface of the solid like rubber.  Nitrogen also prevents oxidation and reduces tire wear.  With Nitrogen and properly inflated, you tires will remain constant, last longer saving you tire-maintenance and provide better fuel economy.

Maintaining and inflating your tires with Nitrogen can increase the life of your tires 50%. Improves your fuel economy by 10% and reduce likelihood of a tire failure by as much as 75% and reducing carbon footprint. Nitrogen also improves handling and safety and reduces rolling resistance.

Advantages of Nitrogen in Tires:

• Better Fuel Economy

• Longer Tire Life

• Improve Handling

• Enhance Safety

• Reduce Carbon Footprint

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