Brabus Wheels and Tuning for Mercedes Benz

When it comes to pimping out Mercedes Benz cars, one name stands out: Brabus. This high performance tuning company was founded in 1977 by Professor Bodo Buschmann. Other than AMG, that became a Mercedes Benz affiliate in the 1990’s, Brabus is considered the largest Mercedes Benz tuning entity. The privately owned company has its headquarters in Bottrop, Germany and is run by Bodo Buschmann. The main objective of Brabus Motor Corporation is listed in the paragraphs below.

Customize Your Mercedes Benz with Brabus Wheels

Brabus primary function is concerned with the performance of automobiles; to that end, Brabus deals with the fine-tuning of engines with the sole purpose of increasing the cars output as well as the engine torque power. The engines from Brabus range from 200 Horsepower, k4 blocks for the SLK, to the vastly large 730 horsepower for the S class, the G class, and the GLK class. Apart from tuning Mercedes Benz engines, Brabus also performs cosmetic work on cars that they work on; to this end Brabus cars will deal with the construction of body kits, the designing of alloy wheels, open racing exhaust systems for racing cars, engine remapping, etc.


Clients can buy cars directly from Brabus or take their Mercedes Benz cars to the auto tuner. Brabus does not sell cars and consequently when a client orders a marquee from them, the entity will purchase the car directly from Daimler Crystler and then proceed to pimp it up as you desire. Clients who own their cars need simply to drive into any dealership and work out on the terms of service with the dealership. When dealing with Brabus, an individual needs to understand that the entity basically deals with a niche market; a comprehension of this will make them appreciate that prices at Brabus are rather steep, that is a reality that a prospective client has got to comprehend.

Powerful Engine Tuning by Brabus

There is an entire spectrum of Super Cars that have been ‘pimped’ by Brabus; the following list is not entirely exhaustive but presents an over view of some of the work that Brabus has been involved in, the honor list reads as follows:

  • Mercedes Benz E-Class: Brabus EV12T
  • Mercedes Benz G Class: Brabus G 3.6, Brabus G V12, Brabus 800 Widestar.
  • Mercedes Benz GLK class V8
  • Mercedes Benz S Class – Brabus S500, S V12 S600 Limousine, T13 Limousine (S640)

There is no doubt that the Brabus brand has curved a nice niche for itself as far as the world of Mercedes Benz luxury automobiles is concerned. The brand name that stands in the same league as luxury automobile Mercedes designers such as AMG, Kleemann, and Renntech also boasts a number of records to its name. Some of these are as follows: a 1996 world record for a street legal sedan for the E V12, and the powering of a car (May Bach) with a 730 hp, Bi turbo engine. All in all Brabus has earned its enviable position.

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