Check out this amazing Dodge Challenger with Savini Forged-XLT Wheels

Every once in a while, you will catch people turning their head to check out your ride. With this new Challenger from Savini… it’s going to happen a LOT. This Challenger has been tricked out to the extreme.

The wheels and tires chosen for this Challenger simply would not fit without some modifications. So, a widebody kit was used. A widebody kit is the best way to enhance the agressive nature of the vehicle, and this kit does that perfectly. It also allows for an extremely wide wheel that normally would not fit without rubbing.

Savini picked out the Forged SV62-S to use on this vehicle. The wheel was custom finished in a two-tone Brushed Double Dark Tint (DDT)/High Polish Center which is complimented by the Brushed Lip. What is truly remarkable, is the widebody kit allowed Savini to fit a staggered setup of 24×9 wheels on the front with 255/30-24 tires and a massive 24×15 rear wheel with 405/25-24 tires.

Want to trick out your Dodge Challenger? Give the trained sales staff at American Wheel and Tire in Houston, TX a call. Our sales reps can help you build the ultimate Challenger.

challenger2 challenger1

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