DIP Wheels: Apollo Black with Machined Lip

DIP Wheels: Apollo Black with Machined Lip – DIP wheel Apollo Black with Machined Lip is a wheel that is custom made to fit cars. It has all the features that you look for in a perfect wheel to use for your car. The black finish of the tire lends it a stylish and classy look. It also symbolizes power. The wheel comes with a chrome variation. Chrome is also a preferred finish since it lends a high degree of sophistication to the car and enhances the appeal of the car. In addition, these wheels are durable when used on roads. Although not very suitable for off-road conditions, they do provide a very comfortable ride when you drive on roads.

Available in different sizes for different cars

These wheels are available in various sizes in order to fit all kinds of cars. The size ranges between 5×112 to 6×139.7. The wheels are offset by 15, 30 and 35. With a wide range of available choices, DIP Wheels Apollo Black with machined lip caters to cars of different brands. So, whichever your car brand might be, this company will have a wheel available for you. The only little problem with the wheel is that you will not find a tire for your SUV or trucks. Barring this drawback, the company offers high quality reasonable priced tires for various car makes and models.

DIP Whells

Avail wheel and tire financing facility

One of the best reasons to shop online for these tires is that you can avail wheel and tire financing facility. High quality tires and wheels are not very cheap and a number of people require some advance amount to be able to purchase the tire. Online stores offer this facility for the convenience of the customers. You can get the tires and pay in easy installments or in whichever mode the store requests.

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