DUB Drone Wheels by DUB Wheels

The DUB Drone Wheels is a line of rims manufactured by DUB Wheels. These DUB Drone Wheels are the icon for custom car lovers. The unique design is well known on the urban scene. Once you add these rims to your ride, it becomes a status symbol of your unique personality.

DUB Drone Wheels Sizes Available

The DUB Drone Wheels are available in both chrome and flat black. Sizes range from 16 x 7 chrome, 17 x 7.5 chrome, 18 x 8 chrome, 20 x 8.5 chrome, and 20 x 9.5 chrome. A little something for everybody.


The DUB Drone Wheels are manufactured by DUB Custom Rims. They have a start of the art process and high tech engineering that produces only the most unique and innovative custom rims. These rims aren’t just for anyone. These rims are for players that love their rides and consider them a member of their family.

There are tons of styles to choose from ranging from big, bold designs to slender and sharp designs. There are no limits to the combinations you can create. You want a quiet sleek ride, choose the slender, sharp designs. You want to say “hey world here I come”, you choose the big, bold designs such as the DUB Drone Wheels.

These rims have a finish that will outlast your vehicle. So when you buy them you are making an investment that could just out last your ride.

AWT Motoring Offers DUB Drone Wheels

Take a look around their website or visit our DUB Custom Rims section. Check out what is available for your style of ride. Or you can check out rims for other model cars for your ride. You can pick these DUB Drone Wheels or choose according to what you’re in the mood for. Remember the only limit is your imagination. Let it run wild and choose rims that will make your ride stand out in the crowd and most definitely turn heads. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

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