DUB Illusion Chrome Wheels by DUB Wheels

DUB Illusion Chrome Wheels by DUB Wheels – It’s all about getting the attention and turning heads. That’s the goal of every driver. We all want to get the attention and respect of every driver on the strip and show off our uniqueness and the style of our rides. DUB Custom wheels are all about that. DUB Custom Wheels are the ultimate way to give your ride that special touch that captures the image of perfection that every player wants.

Nothing says it better than the DUB Illusion. This chrome beauty comes in 19 x 8.5, 19 x 8.5, 20 x 8.5 or 20 x 9.5. The options include a black rivet band or a chrome rivet band.


When you want rims, you do not half step you go for the highest quality you can find. DUB Custom Rims aren’t cheap but they will leave a lasting impression on everyone that sees them especially on your urban playground. When you have the hottest custom rims on your ride, you will be a legend.

These rims are built for distance. They are a powerhouse of nothing but superior modern technology combined with advanced engineering to give the highest quality finish possible. They resist tarnish and rust for years. When you put your money down on this kind of high quality rims, you are guaranteed that your money will go the distance. You are not just buying rims you are making an investment in your ride.

You can find DUB Custom Rims at only the finest auto parts stores. You can also check out their website and browse the huge inventory of chrome and black rims. There is a wide variety to choose from so take your time and find the rims that will make you stand out in the crowd.

Remember the urban scene isn’t anything until you arrive.

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