Dub.Seven Rims by Dub.1One Wheels

Dub.Seven Wheels – In this world you want to command respect! This wish has been actualized by Dub.Seven in the world of rims by Dub.1One Wheels. Dub.Seven is based in the West Coast of the USA and has many years of experience in customizing chrome wheels. When you acquire a set of Dubz- as they are known in popular lingo-you are assured of quality that is borne from our dedication to excellence and our respect for innovative technology. The numbers do not lie, our chromes consistently rank among the tops in the world of tire manufacturers and the diverse array of people who believe in our product cannot be wrong.

Dub.Seven Wheels for Luxury Cars

Dub.Seven wheels have the largest selection of today’s hottest wheels. This include racing wheels, factory reproduction wheels, off road wheels, etc. Dub.Seven wheels also adorn the most elegant marques on the road. As Dubz have been in the industry for a while they are best placed to know what set of wheels compliment your vehicle. Dubz has wheels for luxury cars and trucks -Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, etc., Dubz also has Big foot Chromes that are for those of you who love big living, and lastly Dubz has Sporty chromes that come with the manufacturers specifications or to fit your imagination.

Dub.Seven Rims by Dub.1One Wheels

What sets Dub.Seven chromes streets ahead of the competition is that apart from just plain wheels, Dubz goes that extra mile. This extra mile entails offering our clients custom finishes to their set of wheels. Whatever their fancy is we are able to actualize plus we offer a range of finishes that will stand out on any day – woodgrain, diamonds, brushed metal, etc., whatever you the client conjure we can deliver. Dubz goes one better when dealing with clients by extending the offer to mount the set of wheels and balance them prior to shipping.

Purchase Dub.Seven Wheels Online

When you purchase a set of Dub.Seven chromes you can pay for the package using the major credit cards, however for our International customers only a money wire transfer will suffice. Dubz has a competent sales team that will be of great aide to you in the event that you are experiencing a backlog of some sort. Our sales team can also aide you in the event that you want to purchase our wheels on large scale, and lastly you can contact them if you do not find what you are looking for on our website.

Dub Seven has a new set of chromes that are a must have for all you motor lovers out there. These are but some of the latest chrome wheels that you can view on the Dub.1One Wheels website. For quality, finesses, and beauty get the Dub.Seven chromes today.

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