Enkei Racing Wheels in Houston, TX

Enkei racing wheels are all designed with Enkei’s specialized and vigorous MAT technology in order to bring you safety and stability at a good value for your money.



Some of Enkei’s racing wheels are created with a roulette pattern containing a groove in the area where the rim meets the tire. With this type of assembly, the wheel improves acceleration and deceleration. This type of assembly is also seen in some Formula One cars.

Anti-slip paint

At Enkei, they know the value of a racing car that does not slip and slide. This is demonstrated in the making of the GTC01. The paint increases the grip between the wheel and tire, especially during acceleration.

Lightweight design

Some models, such as the PF01SS, have an ultra-lightweight design, while still maintaining its sporty look with its five spoke design.

Perfect design for gravel and mud

With the RC-G4, the wheel is larger and the spokes are short. This makes it easy for the car to be driven through gravel while not having any gravel hit the brakes. Mud is also easy to clean off as well.

There are other models to choose from in Enkei’s racing wheels, and each wheel offers not just its own style in color, size, and spokes, but also its special features as it was being made. Each one of these features will bring out the best in the tire in order to perform to the top level of satisfaction that Enkei wheels are specifically known for.

American Wheel and Tire is an authorized Enkei retailier with over 30 years in the business. Give us a call and let us help you find the right Enkei Wheel for your vehicle today – 713-682-1085

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