Havoc Matte Black with Machined Face by Mayhem Wheels

Havoc Matte Black with Machined Face – Mayhem wheels are perfect for all types of cars. The Havoc range is one of the most sold. They are available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 14 inches to 28 inches. They sport a muscular appearance with a sturdy rim and six broad grooved spokes. Prominent bolts add visual enhancement to the wheel. They are available in different finishes and one of the most preferred models is the Havoc Matte Black with Machined Face. It comes with a machined face and offers good performance besides a robust appearance. They are compatible for various kinds of luxury and economic car brands.

Havoc Matte Black Offer Great Road Balancing

Mayhem Havoc range is available for SUVs and trucks as well. The special feature about the wheels is that they offer great road balancing to the vehicle. Lips can be customized as per user’s requirements. However, these wheels are not among the cheapest tires in the market and most of the high performance tires begin from $200. However, when compared to the high precision and safety they lend to the vehicle, the cost seems worth it. The Havoc Matte Black with Machined Face wheels are great for off road conditions and hence find wide use in SUVs and trucks.


Havoc Matte Black with Machined Face are one of the best looking wheels in the Mayhem range. Backed by state of the art manufacturing technology and unsurpassed engineering, they are made to be stunning in appearance and equally stunning is performance. They are attention grabbing, to say the least.

Havoc Matte Black Mayhem Wheels History

Mayhem is a wheel manufacturing company that has been in business for the past forty years. In addition to manufacturing high quality wheels, the company is also a prominent producer of wheel accessories. The wheels are as per international standards. They are manufactured using durable aluminum, which makes them highly durable and resistant to rough weather and road conditions. With this company, you can always be assured of finding wheels that epitomize path-breaking technology.

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