Koko Wheels

Koko Kuture logoKoko Kuture is created by one of the big names in custom rims, Giovanna Wheels. Koko Kuture gives us a collection of beautiful styles. Koko Kuture gives us option to choose what color we want, Koko Kuture Bezel system consists of a 7 interchangeable. It is made out of ABD plastic bezels that attach to the lip of the wheels.  This innovative technique allows car enthusiasts to change the color of the lip of their wheels in minutes.

KoKo Koture Rims is created with the most advanced standards for design and quality that brought to us the infamous Giovanna Wheels. Each Koko Kuture is crafted from a premium alloy material. KoKo Koture wheels are then goes to the process that calibrate and measure for bolt-patterns and size before being manufactured. The alloy is then molded, cooled, and then embellished with design. Koko Kuture goes thru a process ensures the lightweight, detail, and durability that every driver depends on. The Koko Kuture Rims includes chrome and machined finish with a wide spectrum of colors available for wheel bezel. An option of carbon fiber and ‘glow in the dark’ is also available.

Koko Kuture is ahead of its game, aside from having revolutionary designs, Koku Kuture is one of the wheels that will surely goes well with Smart Cars. Example of which is the Koko Kuture Spline and other styles of Koko Kuture are the Intake Wheel, Fann Wheel and a lot more. Koko Kuture gives us a collection of distinctive style with a top quality material. Koko Kuture will surely fit an array of needs for wheel sizes and design. Explore the colorful world of Koko Kuture by Giovanna Wheels, it is a breath of fresh and innovative new designs.


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