Lifting your Truck?

Lifted trucks are head turners. Truck owners and truck lovers knows that there are more than just the appearance – looking tough and beefy. For some, it’s the Performance.

Most of truck owners use their trucks for heavy duty purposes like the work trucks. Lifting trucks is gives them more edge by adding bigger tires. It increases the load rating in tires and the truck capacity to haul heavy cargos or tow boats, equipments or trailers.  Truck owners lift their trucks to eliminate the contact of tires to the fenders or often called rubbing of tires.

For truck enthusiasts, it is not easy to find a one stop place to find low-cost, affordable lift kits or truck accessories. Good news to Houstonians truck aficionados, AWT Off-Road is the place to be. From Wheels, Tires, Leveling kits, Winches to Suspensions, AWT Off-Road got everything you need for your truck.

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