The Cadillac Escalade is a great SUV, but we can make it better

The Cadillac Escalade is an extremely popular SUV here in Houston, TX. Everywhere you look, you are sure to find one pretty easily. There is a reason for that… it is a great SUV from Cadillac. The features, ride, and looks are appealing to just about everyone in the market for an SUV. But that doesn’t mean that your Escalade needs to look like everyone else’s.

With such a simple addition of wheels, American Wheel and Tire can take an average looking Escalade, and turn it into something completely different. The refined style of the Lexani Lust is a perfect place to start. The Lust helps accentuate the body lines of the Escalade, while not detracting from them with an enormous amount of bling and eye catching design. This allows the looks of the vehicle to stay looking refined, while adding a bit of style.

For this particular escalade, we went with a 28 inch Lexani Lust in a machined black finish. A set of matching 28 inch Lexani tires was used to help give the SUV traction in all weather conditions.

When you get ready to dress up your Escalade, make sure to check out the pro’s at American Wheel and Tire.

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A blacked out Mercedes-Benz G550 that turns heads

The Mercedes-Benz G550 is an iconic Mercedes SUV, and one you will see fairly often in Houston, TX. It’s style and luxury appearance instantly turns heads. With every vehicle though, we at American Wheel and Tire believe there is always room for improvement, and love to help customers that want to set their vehicle apart from the rest of the boring stock Mercedes-Benz G550′s on the road.

This customer brought in their G550 with the intention of blacking it completely out. After looking over all the options, they chose the Savini Black Di Forza BM7 wheels  in Matte Black finish. In order to fit a larger tire to accommodate any off road driving needs (or for the larger potholes that Houston is famous for), we went with a 20 inch wheel with a 10 inch width.  For those that do not like the blacked out look, the Savini BM7 is also available in Machined Black with Chrome Stainless Lip, and Titanium finishes.

To finish off the wheel and tire package, we used the 285/50-20 Nitto Terra Grappler tires. The Grappler is aggressive enough to traverse almost any terrain, but still stays quiet as to not disrupt the pristine ride of the G550.

Our highly trained sales staff knows just how to outfit your Mercedes. Give us a call or swing by to see how much better we can make your vehicle.

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One Porsche Panamera Turbo that was made even hotter

Driving around Houston, TX, you are sure to see at least the occasional Porsche Panamera. It is instantly recognizable as the “4 door Porsche”. While the stock vehicle is quite a sight to see, we at American Wheel and Tire believe that there is always room for improvement.

This particular Panamera was outfitted with Lexani  CSS-7 wheels. To compliment the sleek black finish of the car and accentuate the wheels size, the gloss black with machined tips finish was chosen (but the wheel is also available in both chrome or a full machined black). The machined tips on each of the wheels spokes gives the wheel a visual indicator of its size while rolling as opposed to a solid black wheel that would blend in with the tire and vehicle.

A staggered setup was used with 22×9 front wheels and 22×10 wheels on the rear which allowed for a larger rear tire. The wheel and tire package was completed with a matching set of 265/30-22 tires and 295/25-22 tires.

When you get ready to upgrade your Porsche Panamera, make sure to bring it into American Wheel and Tire where our highly trained sales staff can show you the multitude of wheel and tire offerings available to you.

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Check out this amazing Dodge Challenger with Savini Forged-XLT Wheels

Every once in a while, you will catch people turning their head to check out your ride. With this new Challenger from Savini… it’s going to happen a LOT. This Challenger has been tricked out to the extreme.

The wheels and tires chosen for this Challenger simply would not fit without some modifications. So, a widebody kit was used. A widebody kit is the best way to enhance the agressive nature of the vehicle, and this kit does that perfectly. It also allows for an extremely wide wheel that normally would not fit without rubbing.

Savini picked out the Forged SV62-S to use on this vehicle. The wheel was custom finished in a two-tone Brushed Double Dark Tint (DDT)/High Polish Center which is complimented by the Brushed Lip. What is truly remarkable, is the widebody kit allowed Savini to fit a staggered setup of 24×9 wheels on the front with 255/30-24 tires and a massive 24×15 rear wheel with 405/25-24 tires.

Want to trick out your Dodge Challenger? Give the trained sales staff at American Wheel and Tire in Houston, TX a call. Our sales reps can help you build the ultimate Challenger.

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