Painted Wheels

In the past decades, dressing up our vehicle has been a trend and as they say it is a reflection of one’s self may it be old or brand new. It is the extension of our appearance that dictates who we are, our social status, we follow trend the way we go along with fashion, our lifestyle and majority of time has been our cosset since it is a part of our daily lives.

In the automotive world, the wheels or rims of the vehicle is the first aim to be modified since it is one of the prominent part of our vehicle that gives a major facelift that transform our vehicle into more aesthetically pleasing and appealing. You can really change the look of your vehicle by simply having painted wheels, you can create a dramatic change to the look of your car by having a painted wheels finish that will shine on for a long time.

The most common is the black rims that often match almost all colors of cars. Black is often used as a symbol of menace or masculinity. Red is also popular as an indicator of power. It is used to represent treacherous characters or exudes that macho looking result and is often associated with toughness. Yellow is another favorite. We often see black rims with red stripes, black and yellow, almost all color is possible to depending on your taste will still give that massive tough or unique look in our vehicle. . It shows diversity in terms of looks – sporty yet sophisticated look, not too luxurious but not to meager. Painted rims have always been popular custom in the automotive industry.

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