The Asanti AF115 Chrome Wheels: Elegance with a Touch of Class

Asanti AF115 Chrome Wheels – If you decide to go for a whole new look where your car is your concern, there are a number of things you must consider and the first accessory that should be at the top of your list is the rims of your car. Pimp my ride, is an example of individuals who are willing to take creativity to the next level, so the question should be whether you are willing to do the exact same thing. If not it’s about time that you found the perfect look for your car.

Your car is not just a piece of machine but rather a complicated work of art that should be appreciated. In your effort of appreciation one has to find the right kind of look; a look that represents your cars personality and yours as well. It is here that the Asanti AF115 Chrome Wheels by Asanti Wheels are a must have when looking to hook up your ride with decent wheels. With a wide range of products to choose from, Asanti Wheels provide options in a market that is limited in terms of creativity.

The Asanti AF115 Chrome Wheels History: Your Benefit

You must be aware that the creative designs are hard to come by these days, therefore Asanti Wheels has not only been in this industry for quite a sometime but they have also provided the best wheels that money can buy. Asanti Wheels is not only a competitive manufacturer in the wheel creation industry but they have also gained huge amounts of experience in the process. With the European style of creating classic, custom finish wheels, they have sought to provide us will wheels that represent grace and elegance. With the creation of a definitely different brand in comparison to those offered in today’s market, the Asanti AF115 Chrome Wheels is the perfect illustration of their two piece wheels.

Asanti AF115 Chrome Wheels by Asanti Wheels

Different Asanti AF115 Chrome Wheels Designs

With a variety of sizes that is, 19” 20” 22” 24″ and 26” inch wheels models, these can only emphasize the amount of effort that Asanti Wheels has put into providing different and unique designs. As an indication of their dedication, they have created the ultimate look for cars. Therefore some will agree that investment in this industry is a worthwhile endeavor if we get to enjoy the benefits. Not only do these chrome wheels come in different sizes but they have a number of different looks to choose from.

We begin with the liquid carbon white wheel; this is truly a piece of art; it merges the element of class, elegance and grace into one mold. With the wheel face in liquid carbon finish, the rest of the wheel is immersed in white with a chrome cap, bolts and an aluminum inner lip. The chrome black, is a wheel that has the outer lip in a black and a chrome finish, giving it that graceful look.

If color is your thing, then the then burl wood chrome should be your wheel of choice. The wheel face and accent hold on to the burl wood color while presenting a chrome finish on the outer lip of the wheel. Now the White black wheel should be the favorite of most with its simple yet glamorous look; this wheel has a standard finish and an astonishing presence brought about by its elemental nature. The Asanti AF115 Chrome two piece wheels provide a regal look where rims are concerned. If this does not satisfy your creative nature then they give you the option of designing your own wheel. Therefore the world is certainly yours for the picking where Asanti AF115 Chrome Wheels are concerned.

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