The Asanti AF160 Wheels: King of the Rims

There are wheels and then there is the Asanti AF160 Rims. These wheels look like the crown on a monarchs head. The AF160 is a luxury forged 3-piece wheel manufactured under the Asanti Wheels name. They have advanced metal structures made from the highest quality aluminum resulting in higher durability, lower weight and better handling. It’s amazing that you can get all this performance improvements from a wheel. This forged 3-piece rims are the best choice for any sports car.

Asanti AF160 Custom Forged Wheels

All the forged wheels made by Asanti Rims are renowned worldwide for their high standards, remarkable quality and surreal designs. The funny thing is that you get all this even from the most basic of wheel that they offer. The Asanti AF160 has the capability to improve the social status of anybody found rolling on them. Calling them a babe magnet would be a severe understatement. These rims have more class than a public school does. Yet it is able to retain an ounce of civility and to the untrained eye, it may just seem like another rip off.


There are a number of finishing types available for the Asanti AF160 Rims. Chrome is the most featured finishing available for all wheels and this is not different for the Asanti AF160. The stock finishing is consists of an outer chrome, a center chrome and a natural inner lining finish. You can choose to customize the colors by varying between glossy black inner, chrome rivets for the outer and chrome accent lines for the spokes. You can choose between the 3-piece forged wheel and the 2-piece forged wheel. However, the latter comes in a limited number of sizes due to the structural make-up of the 2-piece forged wheel.

Customize Your Asanti AF160 Wheels

The wheel sizes start at 19” going all the way up to 32” for the Cadillac’s and Lincoln’s. You can get custom sizes straight from their factory though this may cost you more and may take a while to design. The thing that makes the Asanti AF160 Wheels stand out among its peers, is the amount of custom work you can choose to have it done in. there are virtually hundreds of designs you can choose to modify the inner lip, the outer lip, the centre, the caps and the rivets. Custom paint styles are available for them all but the matte paint design costs more and look the best. Gold plating can also be done on the inner and outer lip. This will definitely add character and prestige to the Asanti AF160 and make it distinct from another one of its kind.

The most popular design nowadays involves custom engraving where you can opt to have your own name or logo on the wheel. This is as high end as you can go in the world of custom wheel designs. Only a company that has been in the business as long as Asanti Rims has been can create something dynamic and captivating as the Asanti AF160 Wheels. With such wheel designs rolling out of their skunk works, the pillar of the wheel design regime is theirs to take.

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