The Cadillac Escalade is a great SUV, but we can make it better

The Cadillac Escalade is an extremely popular SUV here in Houston, TX. Everywhere you look, you are sure to find one pretty easily. There is a reason for that… it is a great SUV from Cadillac. The features, ride, and looks are appealing to just about everyone in the market for an SUV. But that doesn’t mean that your Escalade needs to look like everyone else’s.

With such a simple addition of wheels, American Wheel and Tire can take an average looking Escalade, and turn it into something completely different. The refined style of the Lexani Lust is a perfect place to start. The Lust helps accentuate the body lines of the Escalade, while not detracting from them with an enormous amount of bling and eye catching design. This allows the looks of the vehicle to stay looking refined, while adding a bit of style.

For this particular escalade, we went with a 28 inch Lexani Lust in a machined black finish. A set of matching 28 inch Lexani tires was used to help give the SUV traction in all weather conditions.

When you get ready to dress up your Escalade, make sure to check out the pro’s at American Wheel and Tire.

escalade-lust2 escalade-lust1

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