The importance of rotating your tires

Your tires work hard in order for your car to move from point A to point B. Do not neglect tire maintenance?  Check the manual of your car to see the recommended mileage at which to rotate your tires. There are several reasons to rotate your tires, or change the position of their mounting points, regularly.

The main reason

Like any other car part, your tires will last longer when you take care of them. At sometimes as much as $80 a tire, the cost will add up to replace each tire after wear and tear or damage. Think of the money you will save by making them last just a little bit longer!

Even tires

Each tire takes pressure, wear, and tear differently and unevenly depending on several factors: driving habits and the tire position, for example. This can make for an uncomfortable and possibly unsafe ride if left unattended to for too long, since the tires will not grab the road evenly.  By rotating the wheels, the wheels put pressure on another portion of the tire, forcing them to even out.

Increased gas mileage

Regularly rotated tires allow the car to run more efficiently and save gas.  Friction will be smoother, and that allows for the engine to allow less gas to move the car.

While there are a few benefits to rotating the tires, the biggest one of all is the money you will save.  Each benefit has its own amount of money it saves to contribute to the whole total.

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