The Remarkable DUB.SIX Wheels

DUB.SIX Wheels – On first appearances, you would not even think that this wheel is worth something. The plain stock color is mainly to blame for this ordinary appearance. You could easily mistake it for one of those cheap rip offs that have flooded the market. The thing is it’s not a rim made to remain stock. The plain color is there so that customizers can create any design that they wish for. Putting it in another way, it’s a rim made purely for customizing. Of course, the wheel looks good in its stock color on some cars but it would seem like its crying for an upgrade. This is why you will rarely find a car rolling on the stock version.

DUB.SIX Wheels

DUB.SIX Rims by MHT Wheels

The DUB.SIX also known as the DUB x96 is one of the thousands of wheel designs that have rolled out of MHT Luxury alloys. Art Hale Jr., the President of this company came up with this concept years ago and it has remained one of the best custom wheels available in the market. The entire DUB Wheels family consists of wheel sizes that are suitable for any passenger vehicle from the compact family car to the high end SUVs. The name DUB is the street slang for a $20 bill. In this sense, as the wheel industry evolved, the 20” rims and larger custom rims were considered to be the crème de la crème of the rims. The DUB Wheels was among the first to break this 20” barrier.

Art Hale Jr. being the pacesetter that he has always been came up with the first spinners using their patented assembly processes. This is a clear indication that any rims being manufactured by DUB Wheels, including the DUB.SIX Wheels is going to be as spectacular as it can be. The DUB.SIX Wheel is however slightly biased. It is made with the bigger cars in mind. The rim sizes available start from 19 inches and go all the way up to 24 inches. Larger truck rims can however be custom ordered so do not be surprised to spot a 32-inch DUB six on a Range Rover. The lip sizes are also large with the largest being 12 inches in width.

Size Spoke DUB.SIX Wheels

Brushed alloy is the stock design of the DUB.SIX Wheels. There is however limitless customizable options available for the willing customer. You can pretty much do anything with the six spokes that make up the DUB.SIX Rims. Rainbow patterns and gold plating are some of the more popular designs for those who wish to truly stand out. There are also engraving options where you can put anything you wish. Custom logos and personal names are the best options for doing this to the DUB.SIX.

Other rim customization options that can be explored include matte and glossy paint. These are available in any color perceivable by the eyes. The amount of class that oozes from the DUB.SIX Wheels is only increased by selecting or creating a customization style. Just make sure you are pleased with the customization otherwise, you’ll have to cough up another $1100 plus depending on the rims size.

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