Tuner Wheels, Tuner Rims

Car tuning is often related to auto racing and hobby. Although most performance cars never compete, rather they build for the pleasure of owning and driving such a vehicle. Tuner Car enthusiast modify their ride to personalize the characteristics of their vehicle according to their preference. This include changing the aerodynamic characteristic of the vehicle, body kit, adding spoilers, splitters, air vents and a set of light weight wheels.

These light weight wheels are called Tuner Wheels. The weight of the wheel has a great factor, it can affect the acceleration, brake and cornering. Tuner Wheels are made in a high quality alloy, they are typically lighter than and provide better heat conduction. Better heat conduction can help dissipate heat from the brakes, which improves braking performance in more demanding driving conditions and reduces the chance of brake failure due to overheating.

Most popular brand in Tuner Wheels are American Racing Wheels, Verde Wheels, Enkei Wheels, BBS Rims, Motegi Racing Wheels, Helo Wheels, Forte Wheels and more. Tuner Wheels are also available in different finishes like Black Rims, Black with Red Stripe, Painted Wheels, Chrome, Machined Rims, Hyper, Silver finish or you can customize depending on the style preferred.


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