When you want the absolute best for your new Corvette, turn to Asanti

The Corvette is no stranger to turned heads. Most people can pick a Corvette out from miles away due to its iconic styling and body lines. So what do you do when you want your Corvette to stand out in a field of Corvette’s? You come to American Wheel and Tire and let us help you pick out the absolute best wheel and tire package you can find.

Our latest customer did just this. The radiant blue Corvette was already beautiful, but we knew just how to compliment it. We knew that whatever wheels we suggested had to stand out and make a statement, so we turned to a wheel manufacturer that has a long history of the highest quality wheels, and custom finishes. The Asanti CX811 was just what this Corvette needed. But why go small, when you can go BIG?! We upgraded those tiny stock wheels to a staggered 20×9″ front and 22×11″ rear.

While chrome is always fancy, sometimes a more subtle approach is needed. So, AWT went to Asanti with a color code, and had our customers CX811 wheels custom color matched to the vehicle. Those wheels were finished off with a chromed stainless lip, for just the right amount of bling.

To help this Corvette hook up on take off’s or around sharp corners, we went with the best performance tire on the market. We chose the Pirelli P-Zero in a staggered 255/35R20 front tire, and 295/25R22 rear.

When you get ready to upgrade your factory Corvette wheels, come see us at American Wheel and Tire!


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