Bridgestone Tires in Houston, TX

Bridgestone Tires in HoustonTires are one of the biggest investments that you will make as a vehicle owner. This is why it is important to put a lot of time and effort into deciding what kind of tires you want to buy. Choosing a new set of tires can end up feeling a lot like you did when you are trying to choose a car. Every single tire salesman out there is going to want to convince you to buy a specific kind of tire. So, how are you supposed to choose? Bridgestone tires is a good place to start your search.

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Who is Bridgestone?

Bridgestone is the name of a multinational truck and auto parts manufacturer that was originally founded in Japan in 1931. In fact, the very first Bridgestone tire was produced on April 9, 1930. Originally, the company only sold in the Japanese market, however, in time the company grew and began to market their products overseas. Some people choose Bridgestone tires because of the rich history behind them. This is because the decades of history behind the tires make people feel comfortable. One of the other big reasons why more and more people are buying Bridgestone tires is because they are considered to be very fuel efficient tires. No one is a stranger to how expensive gas prices are. These tires are a great option for someone who needs to save a few bucks on the gas they put in their tank.

Don’t Forget Our Bridgestone Tire Services!

American Wheel and Tire is an authorized Bridgestone Tire dealer in Houston, TX. We offer optional road hazard warranties on all Bridgestone purchases. American Wheel and Tire also offers road force balancing, and wheel alignments to make sure your Bridgestone tires stay in perfect condition.