Goodyear Tires in Houston, TX

Goodyear tires in HoustonGoodyear Tire & Rubber Company is an American manufacturer of tires that was founded in 1898 by a man named Frank Seiberling in Akron, Ohio. The company makes tires for vehicles, commercial trucks, SUVs, light trucks, race cars, farm equipment, and airplanes. Despite the fact that Charles Goodyear had absolutely nothing to do with the company, the company was named after him anyway. He was responsible for the invention of vulcanized rubber in the year 1839.

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Most would agree that Goodyear tires are going to deliver you with superior driving safety conditions and a high quality ride. Naturally, while how well the tires perform is important it is also important that you are happy with what you have purchased. One of the ways we give our customers peace of mind with what they have purchased is through our road hazard warranties. This warranty ensures that if your new Goodyear tires suffer any damage as a result of road debris or pot holes that you will not have to foot the full bill of a new set of tires.

When you make the decision to purchase Goodyear tires, you have decided to buy into a long tradition of excellence when it comes to the design and the quality of tires. Since 1898 Goodyear has been delivering the highest quality of tires you could imagine. The company is constantly being recognized all over the world for their success and brilliance when it comes to the development and design of tires.

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We offer our customers in the Houston, Texas area a wide selection of Goodyear tires to choose from. One of our technicians will make sure that you get the right size tires for your vehicle installed at the most affordable price. We will also recommend when you should come back in to see us for an inspection and possible balance or rotation of your tires.

American Wheel and Tire is an authorized Goodyear Tire dealer in Houston, TX. We offer optional road hazard warranties on all Goodyear purchases. American Wheel and Tire also offers road force balancing, and wheel alignments to make sure your Goodyear tires stay in perfect condition.