Lexani Tires in Houston, TX

Lexani Tires in HoustonLexani is a world famous wheel company that has been producing the worlds top wheels for decades. Recently, Lexani moved into the performance tire market to expand their portfolio as well as their reputation. This is a manufacturer that specializes in design and developing high performance tires.

The tread on Lexani tires actually makes them ideal for plus-sized vehicles and luxury sedans. They are also great for sports coupes and SUVs as well. Lexani tires are actually extremely popular with a number of celebrities.

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Buy Your New Lexani Tires from a Company You Trust

Have you decided you want Lexani tires installed on your vehicle? That’s great! We have a wide range of Lexani tires for our customers to choose from. One of our technicians would be happy to help make sure you get the right size and they get installed on your vehicle as soon as possible.

Perhaps you already have Lexani tires and you are looking to have them serviced? No problem! We offer all of the standard tire services as well! Our company takes pride in offering the complete package when it comes to Lexani tires.

We encourage all of our customers to come in and see us once their tires have accumulated 6,000 miles. One of our highly trained technicians will be able to confirm if your tires need to be balanced or rotated. We will also check the pressure as well as seeing if it would be better to replace the tires.

When you buy new Lexani tires from us please do not forget about our road hazard warranties. We have these warranties because we understand how unfriendly the roads can be to your new Lexani tires. The last thing we want is for you to have to foot the bill for an new set of tires because of a bump in the road.