Spinning Rims

American Wheel and Tire is the largest online supplier of both spinning rims, and add on rim spinners for cars, trucks and SUV’s. Below are the original spinning rims made by Davin. There are many imitators of their spinning rims, but none can stand up to the quality that has been associated now with the Davin name. Click any of the alloy rims below to view its sizes, prices, and options.

Spinning rims, as shown below are built as a single unit, so the rim and spinner are made with precise engineering, and built so the lines of the spinning rim flow smoothly, and the result is a picture perfect wheel that appears to defy the laws of physics in movement. All Davin spinning rims are made with the highest quality bearings to allow a very fluid movement while spinning. These alloy rims have quickly become the most eye catching addition to any car or truck.