Sumitomo Tires in Houston, TX

Sumitomo Tires in HoustonSumitomo Rubber Industries is the name of a rubber and tire company that is based in Japan. The origin of this company traces all the way back to 1909 when the company made an investment in Dunlop Japan. Once the company had acquired this rubber company; it was renamed to Sumitomo Rubber Industries in 1963.

In 1995, the tire and rubber company joined a joint venture with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. The agreement was that they would manufacture tires for their markets. This did include Dunlop branded tires as well. Today, Sumitomo is known as a company that manufactures a wide range of rubber based products including golf balls, automobile tires, and tennis balls.

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We take pride in being able to offer our customers a wide selection of Sumitomo tires for them to choose from. One of our technicians is standing by to help you pick out the perfect Sumitomo tires for your vehicle. Once you have selected the vehicles we are also happy to make sure they get installed properly on your vehicle.

Don’t Forget Our Sumitomo Tire Services!

American Wheel and Tire is an authorized Sumitomo Tire dealer in Houston, TX. We offer optional road hazard warranties on all Sumitomo purchases. American Wheel and Tire also offers road force balancing, and wheel alignments to make sure your Sumitomo tires stay in perfect condition.

Just because you’ve purchased a set of tires from us and driven off our lot, it does not mean we have stopped caring about the safety of you and your vehicle. This is why we offer our customers optional road hazard warranties. We WANT you to bring your vehicles back to us if your tires become damaged due to the road conditions. We also WANT you to bring your vehicles back to us every 6,000 miles so we can inspect your tires. This will allow us to rotate and balance your tires to make sure that they are going to last you as long as possible.