Yokohama Tires in Houston, TX

Yokohama Tires in HoustonYokohama Rubber Company is a Japanese based tire company. The company is located in Tokyo, Japan and was founded in 1917. It started as a joint venture between B.F. Goodrich and the Yokohama Cable Manufacturing Company. It was in 1969 that the company expanded its business to the United States and became known as Yokohama Tire Corporation. In Japan, the tires made by this company will often use the branding ADVAN instead of Yokohama, while here in the USA, ADVAN is the branding on the performance line of Yokohama Tires.

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Have you decided that you want to purchase Yokohama tires for your vehicle? Great! You’ve come to the right place. We offer our customers a wide selection of Yokohama tires to choose from. A member of our staff would be happy to help you with the selection process if you are not sure what you want and/or need.

Please keep in mind we also offer our customers a complete package when it comes to tire services. This just means that once you drive off our lot with your new Yokohama tires we still care about you. We WANT our customers to come back and see us, so we can inspect their tires to make sure that they are functioning at the best of their abilities.

If necessary we may suggest having your Yokohama tires rotated or balanced in order for your vehicle to run smoother. This is also going to help with your gas mileage. If you notice that your vehicle is riding a little rough or that it is suddenly using a lot more gas, come see us! It may be time for a rotation or perhaps you just need a new set of tires!

Don’t Forget Our Yokohama Tire Services!

American Wheel and Tire is an authorized Yokohama Tire dealer in Houston, TX. We offer optional road hazard warranties on all Yokohama purchases. American Wheel and Tire also offers road force balancing, and wheel alignments to make sure your Yokohama tires stay in perfect condition.