22 Inch Wheels


If you want to know what is the most in style wheels size, it’s the 22 Inch Rims. 22 Inch Wheels are often use for SUVs, pickups and Trucks. The 22” Wheels are widely held by car enthusiasts that is why there are several top name brands carries this size in various styles and designs.

These are the top wheel brands that offer 22 inch wheels: 3100D wheels, AC Schnitzer Wheels, American Racing Wheels, Antera Wheels, Asanti Rims, Autobahn Wheels, BBS Wheels, Black Ice Rims, CEC Wheels, Chrome Element Wheels, Concept One Wheels, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Rims, Davin Wheels, DBL Wheels, Diamo Wheels, Driv Rims, DUB Wheels, Elite Rims, Fesler Wheels, EXE Rims, Fierro Wheels, Foose Wheels, Forte Wheels, Fuel Wheels, GFG Rims, Gianelle Rims, Giovanna Wheels, Helo Wheels, HRE Wheels, Jaagruti Wheels, Kinesis Wheels, KMC Wheels, Laxani Rims, Lorenzo Wheels, MHT Wheels, Modular Society Wheels, Monotec Wheels, Motegi Wheels, Niche Wheels, OE Replica Wheels, RBP Rims, Savini Wheels, Symbolic Wheels, TechArt Wheels, Verde Rims, XD Wheels and XON Wheels.

So if you're are looking for spinner wheels, forged rims, 2 or 3 piece rims or maybe just a regular wheel, 22 inch has so much to offer.