Chevrolet is back in the game and the future is here. It has been a long wait from GM, the production of the Chevy Volt started November of last year 2010 at GM's Hamtramck Assembly Plant in Detroit.

The Chevrolet Volt is named "The Car of the Year" by the Motor Trend Magazine. The very prestigious honor bestowed to Chevrolet. It is a proof that itisa goodstart againfor theauto industry.Green Car Journal has just named the all-new Chevrolet Volt its 2011 Green Car of the Year, the first electric car to ever win the award.

According to Motor Trend, the Chevrolet Volt does a great car does. The newly launched caris powered by electricity without being tethered to electrical outlets, better than any other. Motor Trend also mentioned that it's further proof that today, tomorrow and on into the future, Chevy Runs Deep.

As Chevrolet says - There's nothing like changing everything. The Chevrolet Volt runs on electricity for an initial range of 35 miles on a single charge, before a gas generator seamlessly creates electricity for up to 340 additional miles on a full tank of gas. It is indeedpractical.


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