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American Racing is well known for custom design wheels. The American Racing is knows as a popular street racing wheel because it is famous as the Torq Trust wheel. American Racing became famous with the Torq Thrust wheel that, although first applied on the drag strip, became a popular street racing wheel. The Torq Thrust was specifically designed with a “tapered parabolic contour” spoke, as opposed to a semi-solid modular design, to increase brake cooling and simultaneously decrease wheel mass. The American Racing Torq Thrust wheel is considered by some as the most famous muscle car wheel of all time and is sometimes credited as starting the entire custom wheel movement.

American Racing was formed in 1956, during the early year of hot rodding and street enthusiast interest in the lightweight, higher tech wheels was overwhelming. An early drag racing innovator, Romeo Palamides, the grandfather of jet racing, designed and crafted leading edge, high strenght-to-weight magnesium drag racing wheels for his dragsters. Romeo’s vision, working from Jim Ellison’s small machine shop in San Francisco with engineering innovator Tom Griffith, evolved into America’s leading aftermarket wheel company it was then American Racing Equipment was formed and the craze started.

In the early sixties the five-spoke American Racing “Torq Thrust” was introduced. Considered by many to be the most famous wheel of all time, the Torq Thrust started the custom wheel craze, making the conversion from strip to street. Known as “Americans”, “5-spokes” and “Torq Thrusts”, different design generations evolved as car crafting technology developed. Today authentic “old school” Torq Thrusts are highly collectible and sold around the world. Often imitated, never duplicated, the Torq Thrust is the signature wheel for performance and custom purists. The Baja was one of American Racing’s first aluminum truck wheels and remains a great seller to this day. It is a one piece 8 hole design and comes in either a polished or chrome finish. This wheel is still extremely popular with trucks, Jeeps and other off road type vehicles and is available in many sizes, offsets and lug patterns. The Libre, sometimes known as the “daisy” wheel, was a 4-lug, 4-spoke wheel popular with sports car racers, often seen on MGB’s and Datsun 510′s. Each spoke appeared to bulge slightly in the middle, giving the wheel a robust appearance. These were cast in magnesium for racing and in aluminum alloy for street use. American Racing eventually sold the Libre molds to Shelby American, who marketed the Libre under their own name. Some 13″ Libres have raised lettering on one spoke reading “SCCA”, indicating wheels that were specially made for SCCA’s Spec Racer program.

Today, American Racing is one of the most famous wheel brand that manufacture rims for all types of vehicle. Designing and creating cuttin-edge designs, equipped with its quality that has been developed since the golden age of hot rodding during 1950’s, American Racing has produced stylish and unique aftermarket wheels that will fit about any style for your ride.

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