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The term “DUB” is street slang for custom wheels 20″ or larger in diameter and was popularized through hip hop music. DUB was founded by Myles Kovacs, Haythem Haddad, and Herman Flores, who continue to head the company located in the City of Industry, California. DUB is known for as a popular wheel brand that we often see the music videos and on January 2000 DUB Magazine was launched as North American magazine covering urban custom car culture featuring celebrities and their vehicles. The magazine also launched the DUB Magazine Custom Auto Show and Concerts, a nationwide car show and concert tour that spans 16 United States cities at that time.

DUB Custom Wheels has five original lines that they are known for – DUB One Piece Wheels, DUB Spinners, DUB Three Piece Custom Rims, DUB Zane Edition and DUB Exclusive. The DUB One Piece Wheels is home to some of the most popular wheels ever designed, example of which is the Big Homies Wheels and the Dirty Dog Wheels just to name a few. The Dub line up started with 4, 5, 6 and 8 lug application and sizes ranging from 16 inches to 30 inches in diameter. For 10 years, DUB Spinners has been spinning in the streets and has grown into more fascinating designs. Most DUB Spinners are built in the USA, something that we should be proud of. Using state of the art CNC machining equipment and custom built to your exact vehicle specs. Another DUB line that uses the same technology to ensure a timely delivery and precise fitment is the DUB 3 Piece Rims. Dub three piece wheels lets you build the exact color combination and size that you want. From 19 inch to 18 inch, Dub 3-piece styles are also available in 28 inches and 30 inches using 2 piece wheel technology. DUB Zane Wheel line known as “The Couture” of the wheel industry, which lets you customize your own design with the DUB exciting 3-piece styles. It is like streets meet fashion with DUB Zane Wheel line with its unique mesh and paintable inserts sets these rims apart from the rest of the wheels out there. And last but not the least, DUB Exclusive. It is a private label line offers exclusive designs ordered and carried by private labels or wheel dealers.

DUB now has many licensed good that include Jada Toy’s DUB City die cast radio controlled vehicle, DUB Edition car accessories, and Rockstar Games’ Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition video game.

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