Foose Wheels


Foose Wheels is named after the infamous Chip Foose. Foose Design started in 1998. Chip opened up his own company in Huntington Beach, California. He builds amazing custom cars from private and commercial clientele. Foose Design grew to new boundary, in 2002 Chip Foose and MHT Luxury Wheels signed an agreement to produce a line for Foose Wheels.

Foose Wheels comes in single piece wheels and multi piece rims. Single piece rims are made in cast aluminum wheels with a chrome or black finish for today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs. Classic design integration into 18 to 26 inch diameters. The multi piece rims are special edition bolted center. It comes in two piece and three piece designs with the option of the following finishes: chrome, polished & custom finishes

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