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GFG Wheels are manufactured by the infamous Giovanna Wheels creator of Gianelle Designs and Koko Kuture. GFG Forged Modular Wheels are known for having the best designed and engineered wheels usually for high-end cars, import tuners, exotic cars as well as SUVS. It is well known for its 3-Piece modular designs. Every GFG model is forged and constructed as a multi-piece wheel, and meets an extremely high level of excellence in both design and quality. GFG Wheels can be custom built per the clients specific application, which allows the wheels to be manufactured for almost every vehicle on the road today from imports to exotcis.

Modular Wheels or Multi-piece wheels consist of two or more pieces that are easy to replace or modify. Modular wheels allow endless possibilities for custom fitments including today’s most exclusive and high-end vehicles.

GFG rims offers wide range of selection that will surely fit you style. From different style, color to width and sizes that you can mix and match to fit your style. GFG Wheels comes with elegance and flair yet it exudes that masculine sporty tough look.