Gianelle Wheels


Gianelle wheels are Giovanna’s one piece cast aluminum wheel line that picks up right where the main Giovanna wheel line leaves off. Gianelle wheels have the same style and distinctness of Giovanna wheels, encompassing quality and customer satisfaction with true Italian styling from Gianelle custom wheels and Gianelle custom rims.

Aluminum Wheels, in general, are steeper to produce than standard steel wheels, due to its lighter weight and thus are often not included as standard equipment, instead being marketed as optional add-ons or as part of a more luxurious trims. However, aluminum wheels have become considerably more common since 2000, now being offered on economy and subcompact cars, compared to a decade earlier where alloy wheels were often not factory options on inexpensive vehicles. Aluminum wheels have long been included as standard equipment on higher-priced luxury or sports cars, with larger-sized or “exclusive” alloy wheels being options. Most aluminum wheels are manufactured using casting.

Gianelle Wheels is famous for its designs. With its slick and assertive design, Gianelle wheels surely brings out the look in you ride. It is stylish yet it give you the option of sturdy and fresh look. Gianelle rims comes in different finishes that will suit your style. You can choose from chrome, black, machined gloss black, matte finish to machined lip or black lip. Gianelle give you wide range of selections that will surely excites you to dress up you ride

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