KMC Wheels

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KMC Wheels builds some of the most sought after styles in the wheel industry and have been featured everywhere from TV and often seen in print ads, billboards, major motion picture films and extreme sport events. In the racing world, you will often see the KMC Wheels. With its very diverse designs, KMC Rims will surely get your attention. KMC Rims are very conspicuous yet has very clean designs. KMC Wheels fits all type of vehicle – may it be car or truck, KMC Rims will surely brings out the good look of a ride.

Founded in 1982, KMC originally manufacturing steel wheels, it quickly developed with a simple strategy of expanding its product line. It increased its market base and KMC expanded brand awareness through strategic product placement and developing worldwide opportunities with corporate alliances.

The most common KMC rims that you will often see is the black rims that often match almost all colors of cars. KMC black rims or the KMC XD Series emanate masculinity, sporty look and it also indicates authority. In 2004 KMC introduced its line of off road wheels, the XD Series. KMC XD Rims have always been popular in extreme off road racing. The XD Series combines aggressive, edgy styles for the lifted truck/SUV market, and have become the “must have” wheels for all truck/SUV owners. It is used to represent treacherous characters or exudes that macho looking result and is often associated with toughness. KMC Wheels also shows diversity in terms of looks – sporty yet sophisticated look, not too luxurious but not to meager. KMC Wheels are also popular with its chrome or machined finishes. These selection are for street driving. KMC Rims offer consumers plenty of choices – sizes and finish. KMC Rims is also commited to give excellent quality and superior wheel designs.

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