Lexani Wheels and Rims

Lexani Wheel Corporation was established in 1996 and incorporated in California. Today, Lexani Wheel is the world leader in chrome wheel. Lexani Rims is known for as a popular luxury wheel brand that we often see in the music videos, shows and print ads for high end vehicles and well known personalities. True to its reputation, Lexani Wheels has been daring marketing wise combining with innovative designs. Lexani Rims has out-class its competitors in the market.

Lexani Wheels manufactures luxurious forged wheels that are unique in every way. Lexani Rims are known for unparalleled designs. The infamous Lexani Rims are: LSS 55, LSS 5, LX 15, LX 6, CS 2, LX 7, DIAL, LX 6, LX 20 and a lot more. With the combination of style, elegance and incisive design, Lexani Wheels set a standard for the world to follow. Lexani manufactures luxurious forged wheels with great styling, oven baked powder coating, custom finishes that gives the rims the most classiest and luxurious finish. That is why Lexani wheels is the luxurious alloy wheel in the world.

In 2011 Lexani Wheels give us the optional inserts with Swarovsky Crystals. Lexani Wheels is dedicated to excellence and class. For decades, Lexani established itself to become more diversified. You will never go wrong with Lexani Wheels.

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