Nexen Tires

Every car is different, every terrain is special and every driver has a distinctive style of driving. Nexen Tire acknowledge the diverse needs of every car, driver and terrain. Nexen Tire has over 60 years of tradition as a respected leader in the tire industry. Nexen means – next and century, it is a combinaton of two oriental words. The very first Nexen car tire production was in 1956 and considered as Korea’s first tire company. For over 30 year later, Nexen Tires expanded its tire line and developed its manufacturing capabilities. Nexen Tires continued leadership and reflect dedication to quality. Due to commitment to quality products. Nexen Tire currently exports to 120 countries and stand confident behind each and every tire.

Nexen Tires are not just synonymous to racing but also reliable to everyday driving. Nexen has the best tread pattern designs that it is a must have for most car enthusiast. Nexen Tires are very dependable with its grip and traction. Nexen Tires provides us the options of High Performance Tires that gives an Outstanding handling designed for UHP vehicles & high speed stability, Performance driving for SUV & Light Truck durability, Passenger Tires with Long mileage performance for all season driving and Winter Tires that ensures performance driving in adverse conditions for all vehicles. Nexen Tires gives us the best car, truck, and winter tires that performs best, offer safety, and long tread-wear.

Tires might all look similar but they perform differently. ¬When you buy tires, consider that tires have been a vehicle's most important safety feature. Tires are the vehicle's only contact with the road. Even with the powerful engine, strongest brakes, and most advanced anti-skid system are at the mercy of the tire's grip on the road. Every move a driver makes with the steering wheel, brake or gas pedal is transmitted to the road through the four tiny contact patches of the tires. Don’t just choose tires because of price or availability, consider tires that provide your driving needs and safety - that is what Nexen tires are known for.

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