Pieces Rims

When buying wheels we think of what design we want? What wheel finish or color will compliment my ride? Which brand is the best? We should also consider the type or wheels – one piece rim or multi-piece wheel.

One piece rim or single piece wheel is basically made out of molten aluminum then molded to form a wheel. Some wheels are made of steel. It is strong enough and cheaper but heavier and sometimes not attractive enough due to material limitations or flexibility of steel. Most wheels are cast alloy wheels. It is much lighter than steel wheels, stronger, it dissipate heat from brakes and because of flexibility of material it can be molded to a much aesthetically pleasing designs. The 2 piece wheel is composed of a center disk and a rim. The center piece and rim are either bolted on or welded on. The two-piece designs tend to be expensive due to its production and it is not sold in high volume yet they are very common in the market. And there is the Multi-Piece Wheels which is usually compose of two or three parts assembly, bolted together to produce a rim. Because of the variable widths in rim halves, offsets are more available. Multi-piece wheels have a center disk and a 2 piece rim. The rim halves are conjoined then the center is bolted onto the rim halves. Two piece rims or Multi Piece wheels are considered high end but it gives you more option in fitment. Also keep in mind that Two Piece Rims and Three Piece Rims are very light because most are forged wherein the metal is shaped by plastic deformation under great pressure into high strength material, has almost unlimited fitments, very strong and if necessary, you have the option of repair.

If you are in the market for wheels, check all your options. Aside from finding wheels that will make your ride stand out from the rest, consider the assembly to get exactly the style and best look that you want for your ride.