Pirelli Tires


Pirelli Tires has been associated in racing but did you know that company who manufactures Pirelli Tyres formerly made scuba diving rebreathers? A rebreather is a type of breathing set that provides a breathing gas containing oxygen and recycled exhaled gas. Giovanni Battista Pirelli initially was an expert in rubber by-product processes. Giovanni Battista Pirelli started the company on 1872 in Milan. His primary focus was tyre and cable production for energy and telecommunications he then sold the cable division and concentrated mainly in producing tires. In 1974 Lanci Rally Racing Team requested for a strong tire that can with stand the power of the new Lanci Stratos, Pirelli then invented the wide radial tyres with a reduced sidewall height like a slick tires but with a radial structure.

Pirelli & C.Spa is the world’s fifth largest tyre manufacturer, is present in over 160 countries, has 20 manufacturing sites around the world and a network of around 10,000 distributors and retailers. The company is a diverse multi-national company based in Milan, Italy.

Since then Pirelli has been the preferred tire by most luxury car manufacturer. In 2008 until at least 2010, Pirelli has been awarded contracts for racing and rally competitions advertising its name by all cars using Pirelli Tyres and having Pirelli decals on the cars. Pirelli is also the sole tire supplier in Formula One. In Europe, most racing cars and sports competitions, the wide tires are still the standard.