Spinners and Spinning Wheels

Have you seen wheels moving while the vehicle is on stop? Maybe you’ve seen a music video with famous rappers showcasing their stunning rides with whirling wheels on? Those rims are called Spinner Wheels. A Spinner is a type of hubcap that spins independently inside of a wheel itself when the vehicle is in motion, and continues to spin once the vehicle comes to a stop. Spinner Wheels are popularized in 2003 by the popular rappers and celebrities and further popularize by multiple television shows. Little did we know that Spinner Hubcaps has been in use since the 1950s and even inspired a Detroit R&B Soul Band to rename their group during that era (they are The Spinners).

Spinners are attachments to wheels, but how does a Spinner works? By using one or more roller bearing, it allows the Spinner to turn while the vehicle is at rest and isolating the spinner part from the wheel. The bearing absorbs the friction while the spinner whirl using its own force. The Spinner Wheel patent was filed in 1992 by James (J.D.) Gragg, an American Inventor who conceived and invented the original free-spinning spinners in the late 1980s. The patent was granted in 1997, Gragg then built many versions of spinning wheels and many imitation versions immerge and sold. Davin Wheels also released its version, the Continues Motion Wheels in 2003. Today, DUB Spinner Wheels is another popular brand for Spinners. Spinner Wheels is now very popular all over the world and that the illegal pirating was on a massive scale. And did you know that Spinner Wheel patent infringement was one of the largest case in legal history.

Spinning Rims are becoming more and more popular. The Spinner Rims are designed for people who are fearless and daring to show their confident style. Spinner Wheels are available in eye-catching designs that will bring out inimitable style with sophisticated touch to your ride.