Truck Tires

When we say truck tires, we often imagine of big, ugly and massive tires. Actually, there are several types of Truck Tires and there are even truck tires that have nice-looking tread patterns as well. Depending on what terrain, what activity we are in and of course what kind of vehicle we have. The most common truck tires and often use by many is the All-terrain tire, which are typically used for Light Trucks or SUVs. This type of Truck Tires has greater resistance because of it has rigid sidewalls for to avoid punctures and deflation when traveling off-road. The tread patterns have wider spacing than regular car tires or all-season tires to remove mud from the tread. Many truck tires are designed primarily for on-road use also.

Truck Tires can be categorized as Summer Truck Tires, All Season Light Truck Tires, On / Off Road Truck Tires, Snow Truck Tires and the Special Truck Tires which are used for trailer service tires. Summer Truck Tires are often use for street driving and summer. These tires are good for pickups, crossover or sports utility vehicles. Next is the All Season Light Truck Tires. These tires can perform all year round. They have good traction during rainy season and dry season. For demanding Terrain and heavy duty performance, there is the Off road truck tire. With enhanced road handling and ice traction, Snow truck tires are designed specifically for snow weather. The Special Trailer Truck Tires are heavy duty and often used for hauling and utility trailer.

If you are in the market for truck tires, just list down what type of tires you will need to use for your truck or SUV. Depending on what type of terrain your truck or SUV goes through on a regular basis is what will determine what type of tires you will need to function properly on the road. If you drive your truck or SUV mostly on the road without ever going off the road and the weather conditions are clear most of the time where you drive, then Summer Truck tires is what type of tires will be best for you. If you use your truck or SUV for towing heavy equipment then you will need truck tires that will have an 8 plie or 10 plie load rating on them to be able to handle the heavy weight equipment your truck will need. And if your truck is used for off the road applications most of the time then using all terrain tires as well as mud terrain tires will be the best application for your truck or SUV to provide you the best possible traction you will need.