Who wants to win???

Ok here is the deal, if your are a fan of our social networking sites you have seen some of the albums that we have posted. Just today we posted an album by the name of " Sick XD off road wheels" and in that album there is a picture of a "ROCKSTAR." I want you to go to Myspace and Facebook and take a peek at that album and tell me the name of the "ROCKSTAR" that is in the album. If you can name that person, call me Bobby at 713-682-1085 and tell me who it is and you will win a Performance Package (Balance diagnostic, Wheel calibration, Tire runout measurement, Flat repair, Sensor calibration, Rotation and Tire pressure check) from American wheel and tire. Be one of the first three people to call me with the right answer and you WIN!!! I am waiting for the calls,,,social-networking-logos
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