At AWT we take our work and dedication to premium quality very seriously. We pride ourselves in not only our skill, but our time of delivery as well. So when one of our customers had us pick up his brand new body style 2021 GMC Yukon XL Denali, and wanted a hasty, but premier service, we jumped off the line in a full sprint.

    As is with all brand new model vehicles, we are always excited to get our hands on one of the first ones in our area. Though it can be a challenge sometimes, because the after market industry is behind the cuff regarding product availability. The reason for that is, manufacturer engineering departments need to bring a vehicle in to take measurements in order to have all the correct specs for product production. Fortunately, that was not an issue in this  situation.

     This photo shows how the truck looked when we first received it. The original color is gloss black, and it was equipped with 22″ Factory OEM wheels. The grill, badges, window trim, and roof rack, are all chrome throughout this Yukon.  So, what did we do? We decided to do a chrome delete and full black out. 

     Not just any ordinary black-out, but an AWT black-out. We wrapped the entire body exterior of the truck in 3M vinyl wrap in a matte black to give it that sporty appeal. When wrapping a vehicle, it is very important that whoever is doing it, is precise in everything they do. Because there is a lot of break down and proper part storage, such as nuts, bolts, pins, etc. Things needed to reassemble. The bumpers have to be removed, trim, as well as other miniscule parts. We also had to remove the grill and badges to be painted, not wrapped. We painted the grill, trim, and badges in gloss black to create that contrast that brings everything together. Especially the wheel that was chosen to be installed. 

Koko Koture is a brand under the parent company Giovanna Wheels. They are a premium wheel manufacturer who puts out some of the more unique and head turning styles. We are the south east Texas premier dealer of all Giovanna products, so that means we had these 26″ gloss black Koko Koture “Kapan” wheels in stock ready for install. And there is no better option out there considering the look that was being sought after for this brand new 2021 Yukon.

We did a few other things to this Denali to give it that extra needed touch. We painted the exhaust tips black, and the brake calipers red.

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